What Does Your Wedding Band Say About YOU?

by Mel Lazarus

We’re back!!! Yes, dear reader, we’re THRILLED to be back in the spotlight on the extremely fabulous b.loved weddings, a firm favourite for stylish, contemporary brides everywhere.

In the second of our 4 part guest blog series “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music”, we’re posing the ultimate wedding music question: What Does Your Wedding Band Say About YOU? 


In the post, we cover…


  • What ALL brides secretly want their guests to think about their wedding
  • What the stylists mean by your “Wedding Brand” and what it means for you
  • Band-related inspiration for whichever wedding style floats your boat…
  • Your Oh-So-Pretty Wedding
  • Your Rustic Chic Wedding
  • Your Laid-Back Bohemian Wedding
  • Your Great Gatsby Style Affair
  • Your Festival Wedding

Read on for the full blog post below……


What does your wedding band say about you