Have Your Wedding Suppliers Got The Fab Factor?

by Mel Lazarus

Here at MyFab HQ there’s nothing that heralds the end of summer quite like the return of the X Factor to our Saturday night. Tears, yodelling, and the triumphant return of Sharon Osbourne… it’s all in a day’s work on Series 10 of the X Factor.


Love it or loathe it, and whatever your feelings about Gary, Nicole, Sharon and the perennially perky Louis Walsh, the show does bring with it a pertinent message (bear with me, dear reader).




What is The X Factor? Let’s start with a definition from the stars of the TV show past and present. Cheryl Cole reckons it’s about “Magic Stardust”. Louis Walsh has it down as “Stage Presence”. Dannii Minogue quips “If you could define it, Simon Cowell would bottle it and sell it”. (She knows a thing or two, that Dannii).


The X Factor – or The Fab Factor as we like to call it round these parts – is a celebration of that elusive, indefinable, even magical quality that, when all’s said and done, sorts the Boys from the Men.


And in all things wedding, The Fab Factor is the special quality that you’re no doubt looking for in all of your suppliers, from bouquets to bands… and everything in-between.



When it comes to your live music entertainment, I’ll start by telling you what I’m pretty sure The Fab Factor is not. It’s most definitely not a wedding band that dutifully cranks out all your favourite tunes, albeit note perfect, and looks increasingly bored as the night goes on. A band without a spark or a personality is pointless – you’d have been better to hire a DJ and save yourself a chunk of budget.


So… what does a live band with The Fab Factor look like (or sound like, rather)??


To name but a few, it’s about charm… personality… energy… magnetism. It’s about a band pouring life & soul into its performance. It’s about a charismatic front man or woman with a natural empathy for, and connection with, their audience. It’s also about the whole band having a great chemistry together, being fun and entertaining, without a hint of self-indulgence.



Like most things in life, choosing a wedding band is not an exact science – sadly one cannot compare 6 piece bands like-for-like. Bands that possess the Fab Factor are relatively few & far between, but if you tune into the right cues then you could just be on to a winner.


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