The Day The Wedding Singer Got Married…

by Mel Lazarus

Being a bride or groom is a surreal experience at the best of times.


And for a seasoned wedding pro like Jimmy Cannon – charismatic band leader of Rat Pack Style Swing & Jazz Band The Jazz Cannons – marrying his lovely fiancee Jaye this July was a wonderful, if not somewhat surreal experience!


Here Jimmy tells us what it was like being the groom at his own wedding, and what he’s learned from the experience that will change how he works with brides & grooms forever…


DSC_3666Talk us through your & Jaye’s special day

“We got married at Fowey Hall Hotel on the Cornish coast – the original inspiration for Toad Hall in The Wind In The Willows. The day was in 2 parts: We started with the ceremony followed by a wedding breakfast with drinks on the lawns overlooking the sea and then got boats across the river and walked down to the beach. In the afternoon, we’d allowed an hour or so for us and our guests to relax before the evening festivities began. The party kicked off with an ice breaker of punch & traditional Cornish dancing, followed by a Hog Roast & wedding cake. And of course dancing late into the night”.


How was it being the groom this time?

“Getting married gives you an insight into how special the day really is. It’s really YOUR day. As a band leader, I could always understand the stress of the build up and juggling logistics etc, but having been through it myself I can really empathise on a deeper level what it actually means to the bride & groom”.


Did The Jazz Cannons perform at your wedding?

“No, they were a bit out of my budget, ha ha! No the Jazz Cannons were all guests – we’re all friends, infact Matt (The Jazz Cannons sax player) was my best man. I didn’t want to get up and sing, I wanted to be a guest at my own wedding. But I did end up doing a bit of spontaneous singing in my speech!”


What was the live music entertainment?

“I wanted a link with my roots, so we had a Cornish band with lots of traditional Celtic dancing, and a duo with a fiddle and a bazooka. In the evening we had a quirky 4 piece rock band, doing offbeat covers from other genres, like Britney’s ‘Baby hit me one more time’. It was fun”.


Were you a good client?

I knew from experience that weddings don’t always run to time, so I was pretty relaxed. I also really appreciated the importance of giving guests time to chat in between the band’s sets – lots of our guests had come from far & wide and hadn’t seen each other for ages, so it was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to catch up”.


What will you take away from the experience?

“Brides & grooms on the night sometimes appear to be a bit stressed as they are panicking about things running on time etc. I’m naturally very relaxed and – although I’m used to it and always respond professionally – I might have inwardly baulked a little. Now I really understand what they’re going through, and how they just want their day to be perfect, so I’d take it much less personally than before!”


Wishing you both all the best for your future together Jimmy & Jaye – and special congratulations for the exciting arrival of Cannon Junior in February! Xx