• VIP Guest List Entry

    Is Seeing Your Chosen Band Live An Absolute Must For You?

    Yes? We’re with you on this one. There really is nothing quite like getting out there and seeing what the band can do in a live show. It’ll also give you the opportunity to have a chat with the band leader and cover off any issues or concerns you may have for your event.


    What’s with the VIP bit?

    We firmly believe that the process of researching and booking your ideal band should be as fun as the wedding day itself. So instead of just telling you where our bands are playing, leaving you to trek down to the venue in the hope that you’ll get in and paying through the nose for the privilege… we’ll ensure that you and your partner’s names are on the band’s guest list at the front desk and entry is free of charge. Enjoy!


    Where are the live showcase dates listed?

    All the bands’ live showcase dates are listed on their websites that you can access directly from here via this link.


    To request VIP guest list for any of our bands’ shows, fill in the form below and state which band and show date you’d like to go see. We’ll get back to you confirm that you’re on the guest list.