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  • The Lust Factor…What Makes Your Swing Jazz Wedding Band Smokin’ HOT?

    by Mel Lazarus


    Let’s get this straight, lovely brides & grooms. The purpose of a live band at your wedding is not to crank out your favourite classic tunes and look increasingly bored as the night goes on.


    As with any entertainment, choosing a Swing Jazz band is not an exact science – sadly you can’t just compare 5 piece bands like-for-like. So in the immortal words of Alfie: What’s it all about?


    White hot swing bands for weddings

    Let’s see. To name but a few, it’s about charm… personality… magnetism… energy… dynamism… charisma… likeability… and that ol’ favourite, chemistry.


    It’s about your band pouring life & soul into their performance. It’s about a charismatic front man or woman with a natural empathy for their audience and the ability to put your guests instantly at ease.


    It’s also about the whole band having a contagious chemistry together, being fun and entertaining without a hint of self-indulgence.


    Utterly dynamic Swing Jazz bands are rarer than you’d think, but you’ll know when you’ve found one because your dance floor will never be empty for very long.


    Feeling inspired? Hear how  incredible Swing Jazz band ‘Schwing’ set the dance floor alight at this couple’s glamorous Mandarin Oriental wedding.


    Photo credit: Image of wedding couple by Caught The Light Photography via Rock My Wedding


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