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  • MyFab Joins The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners

    by Mel Lazarus


    The more hawk-eyed amongst you will have spotted that we were recently accepted by The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UK AWP) as an accredited Supplier Member. So what does this mean for YOU, the discerning bride & groom?

    All members of the UK AWP have demonstrated that they are experienced professionals before being accepted. They agree to respect a Code of Business Practice aimed at protecting their clients. Which means that we guarantee to do the following:

    • Respond to enquiries within 48 hours
    • Respect client confidentiality
    • Disclose any suppliers we have a vested interest in
    • Pass discounts and/or commission onto clients
    • Ensure our Public Liability insurance is up to date
    • Never give client details to any third party not involved with the wedding
    • Respect copyright from fellow wedding professionals
    • Represent each client fairly and honestly
    • Use legally sound business contracts with clients

    We’re thrilled to be part of such a supportive industry organisation and were even more thrilled to feature recently in a ‘Member Focus’ piece on the UK AWP blog. Here it is…


    UKAWP Feature

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  • “Fab Friends” Meets… Elisabetta of Linen & Silk Weddings

    by Mel Lazarus
    posted in Wedding Experts


    Earlier this month, I found myself aboard the London Eye Barracuda, cruising gently down the Thames with 100 of the wedding industry’s finest, and a boat load of mojitos. What could possibly go wrong?


    Once I found my ‘sea legs’ and started to circulate, I stumbled upon the very lovely Elisabetta Cirulli, wedding planner and owner of gorgeous Italian-inspired wedding blog, Linen & Silk.


    One to watch in the world of wedding blogs, here we ask her all about her fresh Italian wedding style and get to know Elisabetta a little better (see what I did there?)


    ElisabettaWhat does the ‘perfect’ Linen & Silk wedding look like?

    The perfect Linen and Silk wedding is a relatively intimate day, with 100 or less people, in a beautiful masseria in Puglia (Apulia). It would be a ceremony on a beautiful terrace overlooking fields and the sea, followed by a relaxed, but elegant mediterranean reception under the shade of olive trees, with rustic tables, covered in white linen table cloths, the smell of aromatic herbs and an abundance of local wine and food (*SIGH* – Ed).

    Although my origins are from deep South, I’m a Milan girl at heart, city of industrial minimalism; so if a couple comes to me asking for a modern, stylish event in an iconic location with architectural and historical meaning, like the Officine del Volo, a live jazz band, and the most refined food and drinks that Northern caterers can offer, then I’m most definitely on board!


    What is classic Italian wedding style all about?

    It’s all about effortless elegance. Every region of Italy has a slightly different interpretation of weddings, but as a whole, we feel that you don’t need to be extravagant to be elegant. Elegance is all about quality – materials (such as silk and linen… hence my business name!) are key, and creating a look & feel that is in harmony with the surroundings is essential.

    Food is also one of the most important parts of an Italian wedding. While the long 7 or 8 courses wedding breakfasts are probably unnecessary, Italians in general are food-obsessed – for us giving our wedding guests the most refined and delicious food is the best way to show hospitality and show our gratitude for them being there.

    FKPHOTO_rangers house styled shoot-131

    In your experience, what makes for ‘wow’ wedding entertainment?

    The one thing that makes for ‘wow’ wedding entertainment for me is the ability to get the crowd involved. I personally like a good old DJ that knows how to get the crowd going, but I’m not impartial to a live band either! A good band can create a fantastic party atmosphere, especially when they’ve managed to truly connect with your guests.

     FKPHOTO_rangers house styled shoot-121

    What themes are you working on in 2014?

    Weddings in the Mediterranean are getting more and more popular, so based on the 2014 enquiries I’ve received so far, I think rustic yet stylish weddings in Italy, with a relaxed feel, will be my focus. I also have enquiries for Sharm el Sheikh (now part of my new destination wedding services); one thing about Arab weddings is that they love a good party with music and dancing, so you can guarantee that these weddings will be all about fun: great food and good music until the wee hours of the night!

     FKPHOTO_rangers house styled shoot-64

    Fabulous talking to you Elisabetta… And here’s your go-to girl for all things Italian, stylish and wedding: Linen and Silk.


    Photo Credits:
    Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography
    Britt Spring Photography


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  • “Fab Friends” Meets… Louise Beukes of B.loved

    by Mel Lazarus
    posted in Wedding Experts


    One for wedding blog fanatics everywhere… We’re thrilled to introduce you this month to the very lovely Louise Beukes, wedding stylist and owner of top UK wedding blog, b.loved.


    Incase you’ve miraculously managed to skip through Wedding Land without stumbling upon it, b.loved Louise Beukes is listed as one of the Top 20 UK Wedding Blogs by UKWed as well as featuring in the Top 100 Wedding Tweeters and can also be found in the Wedding Blogs 100 published by BrideTide.

    B.loved is the go-to place for
    pretty, contemporary weddings. (Have you seen those creative inspiration boards??) 


    Here Louise chats to MyFab and lets us into her secrets as a successful wedding blogger and wedding stylist. Read on, lovely people…



    As the editor of b.loved you get to see a LOT of weddings. What’s your favourite type of wedding to land in your inbox?

    “I probably shouldn’t really have a favourite, but I adore weddings with understated contemporary style and lots of creative details. I love seeing weddings where the brides have used our favourite suppliers, be it a cake, dress or wedding band! It’s so lovely to see them as a part of someone’s special day. I also have a real soft spot for South African weddings having married there myself, there’s so much creativity!”


    We’ve seen the growing celebrity status of your blogging peers as authors, retailers, business gurus… What next for Louise?

    “Now that would be telling, haha!! The blogging industry in the UK has really exploded in the past 3 years, and I love seeing my fellow bloggers and friends growing, exploring new avenues and being so successful. The next 12 months are going to be very exciting for b.loved, we’re already working on taking the blog in new directions and providing even more inspiration for our readers”.



    As a wedding stylist, what’s the secret to interpreting your client’s vision for the day into reality?

    “It’s all down to understanding your client, and working with couples who become friends. The first few meetings are solely about getting to know each other, and working through a series of specially designed exercises to find out what they are really like as a couple to build up a full picture of their style, which is then used to influence their wedding design”.


    What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve done for a client at a wedding this year?

    “I’m working with a fabulous couple getting married next year who’s brief is very creative! I’m loving exploring lots of non-wedding ideas to help make their day unique”.


    In your experience, what makes for “wow” wedding entertainment?

    “Music that keeps your guests dancing all night! The best bands and DJ’s are experts at reading the crowd and playing the perfect tunes”.


    Fab chatting to you Louise, and we can’t wait to see what exciting new innovations you have for us over the next 12 months! xx

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  • Welcome to “Fab Friend”… Sandy Moretta

    by Mel Lazarus
    posted in Wedding Experts


    We’re tickled pink this month to introduce you to our “Fab Friend” Sandy Moretta – Director of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UK AWP), owner of Wedding Planning Company Ternevents, and all-round star of the UK Wedding Industry.

    We chat to Sandy about her vision for the UK AWP, what she believes makes for “Wow” Wedding Entertainment, and her Real Wedding experience involving a sports car and a horse (yip). Read on folks…


    Sandy_Moretta1. What’s the one  thing you’re most proud of about the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners? 

    I think I am most proud of our wonderful membership. We have 60 members from across the UK, and some abroad, all of whom run different businesses, targeting a variety of couples. However, they all have in common a tremendous dedication to customer service and professional planning. I also love the fact that we all help each other out at weddings: we have inter-member rates which allow us to hire each other for large/ complex weddings without the need to employ someone permanently.


    2. Where would you like to take the UK AWP over the next 2 or 3 years? 

    From a membership perspective I would like to see two main things……Firstly, more Destination Members in key markets for UK couples wishing to marry abroad, and secondly a form of UKAWP membership for non planner, wedding industry suppliers whose businesses adhere to our Code of Business Practice and who like to work closely with professional planners.

    When it comes to the Training side of the business, my colleague Bernadette is already working on bringing our current classroom and 121 courses bang up to date for this Autumn. She also works tirelessly to design a wide range of Workshops, Webinars and other educational events to enhance the knowledge of our members and others who attend them.


    3. Tell us a bit about Ternevents – how do you bring style & personality to your clients’ weddings?

    Ternevents has existed in its current guise since 2008, but I have been running a wedding planning business since 2003. I am a great believer that the style of each wedding comes predominantly from two things: the couple and the venue. The design, the type of suppliers and the overall feel of the day almost always flow from the two. I see my job as taking what the couple has in their heads and making it happen.

    A Ternevents wedding is highly organised behind the scenes, such that it needn’t appear so to those involved. My clients’ personalities should come across rather than mine or those of the team, however perhaps inevitably they tend to have a ‘tern stamp’ on them.


    4. What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve done for a client at a wedding this year? 

    Without a doubt it was keeping from both Bride and Groom their amazing gifts to one another, both of which had to be hidden, decorated and then revealed in all their glory at the drinks reception. Not so complex I hear you say? Well perhaps not until you realize that one was a sports car and the other a horse!


    5. In your experience, what makes for “Wow” wedding entertainment?

    For me as a planner, the ‘wow’ starts long before the big day. It comes in the form of articulate band leaders or agency staff who answer calls and emails and make working with them a pleasure. On the day itself, it is all about turning up on time, being helpful with whatever might crop up, such as slight delays, sudden requirements for roving mics, etc. Once the music starts, the wow factor can be judged by the faces of the guests and the time they spend on their feet. Entertainment can really make or break the evening – professional, smiley, helpful and altogether fun musicians make all the difference in the world!


    Fabulous chatting to you Sandy… and here’s to more “Wow” Weddings! x

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  • Does Your Wedding Band Have The X Factor?

    by Mel Lazarus


    What do Gary Barlow and Sharon Osbourne have to do with MY wedding, I hear you cry?!  Well, gentle reader, much more than you’d think!


    In the fourth and final part (sob!) of our guest blog series on B.loved weddings - “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music”, we uncover….

    • Why The X Factor has a heart of gold (yes, really)
    • The secret quality you’ll be wanting from ALL your wedding suppliers
    • Why choosing a great live band isn’t an exact science
    • What the X Factor is NOT
    • How to know when you’ve picked a winner

    Read on for the full blog post below……


    Does your wedding band have the x factor

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  • How To Pick A Winning Live Wedding Band…When Fabulous Really MEANS Fabulous!

    by Mel Lazarus


    When you’re up to your ears in live wedding band research – have you ever wondered if what you see is what you’ll getIs the band really as good as its promo video? Can you 100% rely on them to show up? What should you be looking for anyway??


    In the third of our four part guest blog series on B.loved weddings - “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music” - we answer your questions, and reveal….

    • Why some bands ARE more fabulous than others
    • Exactly what to look for during your live band research
    • What the right audio & video can tell you about a band
    • The type of client testimonials you’ll be wanting to see
    • Why seeing a band live is a good investment of your time
    • Why ultimately, it’s all about chemistry…

    Read on for the full blog post below……


    How to pikc a winning live...


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  • How Is Technology Changing The Wedding Industry?

    by Mel Lazarus


    Are you one of the 80% of brides or grooms spending 10 hours a week on wedding sites and blogs? Or one of the 82% of brides lovingly crafting your unique wedding style on Pinterest? Then this one’s for you.


    This fabulous little infographic by online bridal retailer, illustrates some juicy wedding-related insights from the UK AWP and Splendid Insights.


    If you’ve ever wondered: How Is Technology Changing The Wedding Industry? Here’s your answer…



    Featured image – courtesy of RobGreer Photography.

    Source: Vintage Styler Blog

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  • What Does Your Wedding Band Say About YOU?

    by Mel Lazarus


    We’re back!!! Yes, dear reader, we’re THRILLED to be back in the spotlight on the extremely fabulous b.loved weddings, a firm favourite for stylish, contemporary brides everywhere.

    In the second of our 4 part guest blog series “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music”, we’re posing the ultimate wedding music question: What Does Your Wedding Band Say About YOU? 


    In the post, we cover…


    • What ALL brides secretly want their guests to think about their wedding
    • What the stylists mean by your “Wedding Brand” and what it means for you
    • Band-related inspiration for whichever wedding style floats your boat…
    • Your Oh-So-Pretty Wedding
    • Your Rustic Chic Wedding
    • Your Laid-Back Bohemian Wedding
    • Your Great Gatsby Style Affair
    • Your Festival Wedding

    Read on for the full blog post below……


    What does your wedding band say about you 


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  • The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music

    by Mel Lazarus


    Well. We can hardly contain our excitement this week as our guest blog series “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music” launched on the very fabulous b.loved wedding blog (hurrah!). 


    The champion of pretty, contemporary weddings, b.loved is one of the top 20 wedding blogs in the UK, according to industry yardstick We were recently extremely lucky to meet the blogger/stylist behind it, the lovely Louise Beukes, and spent a very entertaining couple of hours chatting about all things wedding music. 


    In this, the first of our 4 part series – Why your live band is a bridal styling issue (and not just the groom’s job!) – we discuss…

    • Why most brides delegate the wedding music to their unsuspecting grooms
    • The ONE thing your guests will remember most about your wedding
    • The regret that 78% of brides have with the gift of hindsight
    • How your live band can help you to ‘tell the story’ of your wedding

    Read the full blog post  below……

    Why your live band is a bridal styling issue


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  • Black Pearl Weddings Tell Us What Makes For “Wedding Wow Factor”

    by Mel Lazarus


    This week we’re talking to Kelle from Black Pearl Weddings – London-based wedding planners extraordinaires. With her background in Haute Couture fashion, and love of all things opulent & fabulous, Kelle tells us what makes for “The Wow Factor” at your wedding…


    Tell us a bit about your business – What’s unique & special about what you do?


    Black Pearl Weddings of London is a superior boutique wedding planning and consultancy service. At Black Pearl Weddings we provide an exquisite service, inimitable in its level of style and added mystique, similar to the Black Pearl itself, the rarest gem from the sea, long sought after by distinguished clientele.



    Black Pearl Weddings offer support and assistance with every single detail of that perfect day. By consulting with the prospective couple, we garner inspiration from their vision, and work towards making that vision an impeccable reality.

    We are a highly exclusive and undertake a strictly limited number of weddings per year, to ensure our clients receive the finest, most attentive service. Understanding what our client wants through consultation we create a structured plan of action, source the very finest venues, suppliers, music, and wedding attire to match any desired theme, all within their budget.


    As Wedding Planners, Black Pearl Weddings not only support clients to coordinate their wedding to perfection, but also provide inspiration with a Haute Couture edge. We bring with us an established network in both the fashion and wedding industries, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to create the perfect support for the perfect occasion.


    How do you bring style & personality to your clients’ weddings?


    With our extensive knowledge of fashion, creative aspects, and great working relationships with clients, we help make a mark by tailoring the event to stand out from others. We believe every wedding should have its own unique and creative feel, so that every bride can feel as though her special day was inimitable, and can’t be rivalled.


    As we work alongside our client, we share inspiration at every stage, thus creating a wide range of options for consideration which can all be infused to create a beautifully unique and elegant day.


    black pearl mood board

    What do you think makes for “wow” wedding entertainment?

    Whether it is music, dance, or other acts, it should bring with it a style that captures the complete attention of every guest, so that no one will want to turn away even for a second.


    It should be perfectly matched to the ceremony to provide the ideal accompaniment, and correlate to the style of the event in a way that makes the entertainment an integral part of the day – as opposed to some entertainment that can seem or feel incidental to the day and possibly not relevant to the style or theme.


    Classical music and dinner jazz are always conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, whereas swing adds piña he to really get all the guests in the party mood.


    What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve done for a client at a wedding this year?


    One of our lovely brides had an outfit malfunction; when she donned her wedding shoes, she experienced severe discomfort in her ankles and could not enjoy wearing them or walking due to the pain she felt.


    As I was providing coordination on the day of the ceremony, I actually lent her my shoes, to avoid any unnecessary discomfort, and she couldn’t bear the idea of hobbling down the aisle. Luckily, my shoes complimented her dress perfectly, so I spent the rest of the day in my spare trainers, and she enjoyed her day in comfort!


    To find out more about what Black Pearl Weddings can do for your big day, visit their website at 


    All images courtesy of Black Pearl Weddings


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