Black Pearl Weddings Tell Us What Makes For “Wedding Wow Factor”

by Mel Lazarus

This week we’re talking to Kelle from Black Pearl Weddings – London-based wedding planners extraordinaires. With her background in Haute Couture fashion, and love of all things opulent & fabulous, Kelle tells us what makes for “The Wow Factor” at your wedding…


Tell us a bit about your business – What’s unique & special about what you do?


Black Pearl Weddings of London is a superior boutique wedding planning and consultancy service. At Black Pearl Weddings we provide an exquisite service, inimitable in its level of style and added mystique, similar to the Black Pearl itself, the rarest gem from the sea, long sought after by distinguished clientele.



Black Pearl Weddings offer support and assistance with every single detail of that perfect day. By consulting with the prospective couple, we garner inspiration from their vision, and work towards making that vision an impeccable reality.

We are a highly exclusive and undertake a strictly limited number of weddings per year, to ensure our clients receive the finest, most attentive service. Understanding what our client wants through consultation we create a structured plan of action, source the very finest venues, suppliers, music, and wedding attire to match any desired theme, all within their budget.


As Wedding Planners, Black Pearl Weddings not only support clients to coordinate their wedding to perfection, but also provide inspiration with a Haute Couture edge. We bring with us an established network in both the fashion and wedding industries, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to create the perfect support for the perfect occasion.


How do you bring style & personality to your clients’ weddings?


With our extensive knowledge of fashion, creative aspects, and great working relationships with clients, we help make a mark by tailoring the event to stand out from others. We believe every wedding should have its own unique and creative feel, so that every bride can feel as though her special day was inimitable, and can’t be rivalled.


As we work alongside our client, we share inspiration at every stage, thus creating a wide range of options for consideration which can all be infused to create a beautifully unique and elegant day.


black pearl mood board

What do you think makes for “wow” wedding entertainment?

Whether it is music, dance, or other acts, it should bring with it a style that captures the complete attention of every guest, so that no one will want to turn away even for a second.


It should be perfectly matched to the ceremony to provide the ideal accompaniment, and correlate to the style of the event in a way that makes the entertainment an integral part of the day – as opposed to some entertainment that can seem or feel incidental to the day and possibly not relevant to the style or theme.


Classical music and dinner jazz are always conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, whereas swing adds piña he to really get all the guests in the party mood.


What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve done for a client at a wedding this year?


One of our lovely brides had an outfit malfunction; when she donned her wedding shoes, she experienced severe discomfort in her ankles and could not enjoy wearing them or walking due to the pain she felt.


As I was providing coordination on the day of the ceremony, I actually lent her my shoes, to avoid any unnecessary discomfort, and she couldn’t bear the idea of hobbling down the aisle. Luckily, my shoes complimented her dress perfectly, so I spent the rest of the day in my spare trainers, and she enjoyed her day in comfort!


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All images courtesy of Black Pearl Weddings