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  • The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music

    by Mel Lazarus


    Well. We can hardly contain our excitement this week as our guest blog series “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music” launched on the very fabulous b.loved wedding blog (hurrah!). 


    The champion of pretty, contemporary weddings, b.loved is one of the top 20 wedding blogs in the UK, according to industry yardstick We were recently extremely lucky to meet the blogger/stylist behind it, the lovely Louise Beukes, and spent a very entertaining couple of hours chatting about all things wedding music. 


    In this, the first of our 4 part series – Why your live band is a bridal styling issue (and not just the groom’s job!) – we discuss…

    • Why most brides delegate the wedding music to their unsuspecting grooms
    • The ONE thing your guests will remember most about your wedding
    • The regret that 78% of brides have with the gift of hindsight
    • How your live band can help you to ‘tell the story’ of your wedding

    Read the full blog post  below……

    Why your live band is a bridal styling issue


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  • The Lust Factor…What Makes Your Swing Jazz Wedding Band Smokin’ HOT?

    by Mel Lazarus


    Let’s get this straight, lovely brides & grooms. The purpose of a live band at your wedding is not to crank out your favourite classic tunes and look increasingly bored as the night goes on.


    As with any entertainment, choosing a Swing Jazz band is not an exact science – sadly you can’t just compare 5 piece bands like-for-like. So in the immortal words of Alfie: What’s it all about?


    White hot swing bands for weddings

    Let’s see. To name but a few, it’s about charm… personality… magnetism… energy… dynamism… charisma… likeability… and that ol’ favourite, chemistry.


    It’s about your band pouring life & soul into their performance. It’s about a charismatic front man or woman with a natural empathy for their audience and the ability to put your guests instantly at ease.


    It’s also about the whole band having a contagious chemistry together, being fun and entertaining without a hint of self-indulgence.


    Utterly dynamic Swing Jazz bands are rarer than you’d think, but you’ll know when you’ve found one because your dance floor will never be empty for very long.


    Feeling inspired? Hear how  incredible Swing Jazz band ‘Schwing’ set the dance floor alight at this couple’s glamorous Mandarin Oriental wedding.


    Photo credit: Image of wedding couple by Caught The Light Photography via Rock My Wedding


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  • Why A Swing Band Or Jazz Band At Your Wedding Is The Ultimate Accessory

    by Mel Lazarus


    When it comes to your wedding band, you can definitely make a style statement that is a reflection of you and your love of all things retro. If you’re serious about creating a truly fabulous vintage-inspired wedding, then don’t settle for a bland, generic “wedding band”.


    Think of it like this. Your choice of band is a bit like your choice of wedding menu: You could put on a buffet to cater for all tastes, and  it would be nice, and everyone would find something to enjoy.



    Or… you could take an interesting slant (e.g. Middle Eastern Mezze, Oriental Food Theatre, Traditional Great British Fayre) and create a menu that adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your guests’ dining experience.


    Sure, one or two people won’t eat the sushi, but most will love it and agree that it makes a refreshing change from the usual chicken.


    So remember: Use your band to bring your wedding theme to life. And nothing brings style and swagger to your dance floor, or creates that glamorous, sophisticated ambiance, more than an authentic Swing Jazz band.


    Click here to find your ultimate Swing or Jazz band wedding accessory.


    Photo credit: Image by Hannah Mia Photography, vintage headdress by Victoria Millesime

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  • A Bluffers Guide To Swing Bands For Weddings

    by Brad Lazarus



    Curious about what type of swing band might be right for your wedding. Watch the video to find out more…

    00:35 – Most swing bands cover music from the 1920s to the 60s

    00:51 – Swing music was the dance music of its day

    00:59 – People will dance to a swing band… as long as it’s a great one!

    01:08 – Swing bands are perfect for vintage or other similar themed weddings

    02:24 – Go for the largest band you can afford.  At least one horn player will make the difference


    Click here to see our collection of exclusively managed swing bands


    Hi!  Brad Lazarus here with a short bluffers guide to swing bands for weddings.  Swing bands or swing music is generally characterized by a rhythm section of double bass and drums with a pretty heavy horn element of trumpet, trombone, and saxophone.

    Bluffers Guide to Swing Bands For Weddings


    Most Swing Bands Cover Music from the 1920s to the 60s

    Most swing bands will cover the music broadly from the eras of the 1920s right up to the 1960s.  So if you’re looking to book a swing band, you’re probably going to get a mixture of all of the songs that came out of those eras.


    Swing Music was the Dance Music of its Day

    The real danceable swing style actually came out of the era of 1935 to 1945 when swing music really was the dance music of its day.  So if you’re looking to book a swing band for your wedding and you’re worried about people getting onto the dance floor, just really keep that fact in mind.  It was the dance music of its day.  So if you’ve got the right swing band that really know how to get the floor filled, you shouldn’t have any problems.


    Swing Bands are Perfect for Vintage or Other Similar Themed Weddings

    If you’re looking to have a vintage theme or an art deco theme or something of that kind of era, then look to bands that specialize in 1920s and 1930s style.  That’s really going to enhance your theme for you.


    Prominent Figures of the Swing Era

    People refer to artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and those Rat Pack guys as very much swing music.  Strictly speaking, they are swing music.  They came from the eras of the late ‘40s through to the ‘60s which is only characterized by what they would call… it was known as swinging pop, really.  But if you’re looking to book a swing band, the chances are, they’re going to play quite a heavy proportion of that repertoire as well.


    Look for a Swing Band that can Cross Over to Other Genres

    Now, here’s a big tip.  Find a swing band that has the ability to be able to cross over into that more classic, pop, and soul material as well.  It’s really going to help you for later on in the evening.  People love to hear that swing and that jazz style but as the evening progresses, they also want something a little bit more mainstream.  And a band that has the versatility to be able to progress seamlessly from that swing into the classic pop of Stevie Wonder, Motown, that type of feel is really going to do a great job for you.


    Go for the Largest Band You Can Afford With at Least One Horn Player

    The other great piece of advice I’d give you is try and go for the largest band as possible and that includes at least one horn section.  The horn sound is such a significant part of swing music that lacking that, it will feel slightly empty.  The dynamic won’t necessarily be there.  So go for the largest band you possibly can for the budget.


    If you’re thinking about a swing band for your wedding, click the link below.  Check out the three swing bands that we have on our roster.  They cover all the repertoires from 1920s right through to the 1960s and some even more kind of classic, contemporary material as well they cover.  So check those out.


    If you’ve got any questions or comments, please leave them below.  If you’d like to hear some more information about other areas of booking a band for your wedding, just let me know and I’ll do a video for you as well.

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  • 6 Tips To Get More From Your Live Wedding Band Research

    by Brad Lazarus


    Try these helpful research tips while you’re looking for a band for your wedding

    00:15 – Get More From Word-Of-Mouth Recommendation
    00:47 – Ask for shortlisted recommendations
    01:05 – Narrow your Google search down
    01:18 – Use location based keywords
    01:29 – Search Google using genre based keywords
    01:52 – Tap into wedding blog case studies
    02:23 – Look for dedicated entertainment forum threads
    02:53 – Tap into wedding directories on wedding blogs

    Take advantage of the FREE ‘Made to Measure’ Wedding Consultation
    Brad Lazarus here from with a wedding entertainment tips update. In this new episode, I am going to respond to an email I received from Harry who’s getting married in August in Gloucestershire, and that’s happening this year, and he writes: “I don’t really know where to look, who to book, and what to look out for. I just want a great band for my wedding. Can you help point me in the right direction?” Well, yes we can. In this episode, we’ll give you just a few tips on how you can get more from where you’re searching. So, stick with us and we’ll get straight into it.


    Get More From Word-Of-Mouth Recommendation

    So, the first one is word-of-mouth recommendation. Now, you’ve probably got a bunch of different word of mouth recommendations from various different friends, family, colleagues which is great, and pursue those. Ask them if they can dig into their notes and let you have maybe three or four of the band options that were on their shortlist. That way, you’re going to get a little bit more from each of those recommendations. So everybody has a shortlist. Ask them if they can go and dig into their notes and let you have those as well.


    Narrow Your Google Search Down

    Now, the next one is a good old Google search. Yes, you’ve probably done that and been returned a bunch of results which has been pretty overwhelming and you’ve not known really where go from there possibly. One way of narrowing down your options is to start using location-based keywords. So start with the big towns and cities where you’re having your wedding – London, Manchester, wherever that might be, and see what results you get from there.


    Search Google using Genre Based Keywords

    The other option is to start using genre-based keyword searches or music genre-based keyword searches. So, if you’re looking for a party band, then maybe, why not start using the search term “soul band for weddings” or “Motown bands for weddings” and see what options you get. Because you won’t just get specialist bands, you’ll get bands that play that style of music as well as others as well.


    Wedding Blog Case Studies

    Now, wedding blogs. Wedding blogs have exploded over the last few years, and what they do really, really well is case studies. So when you go onto some of these wedding blogs like RockMyWedding, for example, is a great one. Go and have a look at the case studies, scroll down to the bottom of the case study, and you’ll find various different links to wedding suppliers that have been featured in that case study. Follow those links to some interesting options that you might be able to add to your shortlist.


    Dedicated Forum Threads

    Now, forums are a great place –, – great places to go and have a look for, you know, live band ideas. Look out for the dedicated wedding entertainment threads that are on them because you’ll filter out a lot of the noise that way of everybody else on the other threads. So that’s a place to start. There will be a bunch of links and people talking about the options that have been presented by other people in the thread.


    Wedding Directories Courtesy of Wedding Blogs

    Now, directories. Directories have moved on a lot over the last few years, and what’s interesting is a lot of the larger wedding blogs now have various different wedding supplier directories. So for example, back to, if you go on there and there’s a tab on there which is a wedding supplier’s tab, click on that and you’ll see a bunch of different options for you to sift through there. Another great website directory is, and for all you blokes out there, is also a great place to start. So I hope you found that useful.


    Made to Measure Consultation

    Now, if you are still looking for your band, a little bit confused, and a bit of direction, then we offer a totally free service called the Made to Measure Consultation. We’ll capture all your thoughts, your ideas, any logistical requirements that you have from the venue, any pressures that you’re having from, you know, family that might be paying for some of the band, and we’ll put all of that together and we’ll crunch all of that and we’ll deliver you some recommendations based on those personal requirements which you can then use as a checklist moving forward. And it’s a really useful 10 minutes. That’s all it takes, 10 minutes. Click here to take advantage of the offer.

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  • How To Avoid The 3 Biggest Band Booking Regrets

    by Fab

    Regret #1:
    Over planning, micromanaging and becoming unnecessarily stressed.

    We often speak to our brides and grooms when they’re just back from honeymoon and have had some head space to reflect on their big day.

    A surprising number comment on how well organized and efficient the band was, and they kinda wish they’d never got so involved in all the tiny details. Sound familiar? Don’t worry. Feeling like you need to micromanage the band is all very normal. The problem is that the more you micromanage… the more you’ll need to micromanage… It’s a catch 22.

    When it comes to the band’s repertoire, definitely chat to the band leader about songs you’d like to hear, but you might want to refrain from dictating every song they play! The right band will be experts at knowing what songs work and when.


    So do yourself a favour: book a band that you’ve researched thoroughly and feel confident about leaving to do their ‘thang’. A professional outfit will have the logistics of the day all mapped out… so you don’t have to.


    Regret #2:
    Having the band perform in a separate room to the food.

    Make no mistake – in the great ‘Food vs Music’ battle, your guests will invariably gravitate towards the chow.

    While in many venues it’s unavoidable to have the meal served in a separate room to the band’s performance, don’t let them happen at the same time. And watch out for the pesky dessert buffet, it’s a sure-fire way to clear the dance floor in the middle of a band’s set. Even the Jackson 5 would lose out to mini chocolate meringues.

    Our best advice? Try to keep your wedding moving along sequentially. See each part of the day as a separate ‘mini event’ in itself: Dessert – check. Band’s first set – check. Speeches – check. See? That way you’ll always have your guests’ focused attention.



    Regret #3:
    Not realising just how important a part of the wedding the band plays.

    The band you book will almost dictate the success of your whole wedding… Sounds scary doesn’t it?!

    Modern Bride magazine surveyed brides after their weddings and found that their choice of wedding entertainment was 60 to 80% responsible for the success…or failure…of the ENTIRE WEDDING.

    It’s well worth taking your time to choose the right band for you and your guests


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