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  • Black Pearl Weddings Tell Us What Makes For “Wedding Wow Factor”

    by Mel Lazarus


    This week we’re talking to Kelle from Black Pearl Weddings – London-based wedding planners extraordinaires. With her background in Haute Couture fashion, and love of all things opulent & fabulous, Kelle tells us what makes for “The Wow Factor” at your wedding…


    Tell us a bit about your business – What’s unique & special about what you do?


    Black Pearl Weddings of London is a superior boutique wedding planning and consultancy service. At Black Pearl Weddings we provide an exquisite service, inimitable in its level of style and added mystique, similar to the Black Pearl itself, the rarest gem from the sea, long sought after by distinguished clientele.



    Black Pearl Weddings offer support and assistance with every single detail of that perfect day. By consulting with the prospective couple, we garner inspiration from their vision, and work towards making that vision an impeccable reality.

    We are a highly exclusive and undertake a strictly limited number of weddings per year, to ensure our clients receive the finest, most attentive service. Understanding what our client wants through consultation we create a structured plan of action, source the very finest venues, suppliers, music, and wedding attire to match any desired theme, all within their budget.


    As Wedding Planners, Black Pearl Weddings not only support clients to coordinate their wedding to perfection, but also provide inspiration with a Haute Couture edge. We bring with us an established network in both the fashion and wedding industries, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to create the perfect support for the perfect occasion.


    How do you bring style & personality to your clients’ weddings?


    With our extensive knowledge of fashion, creative aspects, and great working relationships with clients, we help make a mark by tailoring the event to stand out from others. We believe every wedding should have its own unique and creative feel, so that every bride can feel as though her special day was inimitable, and can’t be rivalled.


    As we work alongside our client, we share inspiration at every stage, thus creating a wide range of options for consideration which can all be infused to create a beautifully unique and elegant day.


    black pearl mood board

    What do you think makes for “wow” wedding entertainment?

    Whether it is music, dance, or other acts, it should bring with it a style that captures the complete attention of every guest, so that no one will want to turn away even for a second.


    It should be perfectly matched to the ceremony to provide the ideal accompaniment, and correlate to the style of the event in a way that makes the entertainment an integral part of the day – as opposed to some entertainment that can seem or feel incidental to the day and possibly not relevant to the style or theme.


    Classical music and dinner jazz are always conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, whereas swing adds piña he to really get all the guests in the party mood.


    What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve done for a client at a wedding this year?


    One of our lovely brides had an outfit malfunction; when she donned her wedding shoes, she experienced severe discomfort in her ankles and could not enjoy wearing them or walking due to the pain she felt.


    As I was providing coordination on the day of the ceremony, I actually lent her my shoes, to avoid any unnecessary discomfort, and she couldn’t bear the idea of hobbling down the aisle. Luckily, my shoes complimented her dress perfectly, so I spent the rest of the day in my spare trainers, and she enjoyed her day in comfort!


    To find out more about what Black Pearl Weddings can do for your big day, visit their website at 


    All images courtesy of Black Pearl Weddings


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  • The Lust Factor…What Makes Your Swing Jazz Wedding Band Smokin’ HOT?

    by Mel Lazarus


    Let’s get this straight, lovely brides & grooms. The purpose of a live band at your wedding is not to crank out your favourite classic tunes and look increasingly bored as the night goes on.


    As with any entertainment, choosing a Swing Jazz band is not an exact science – sadly you can’t just compare 5 piece bands like-for-like. So in the immortal words of Alfie: What’s it all about?


    White hot swing bands for weddings

    Let’s see. To name but a few, it’s about charm… personality… magnetism… energy… dynamism… charisma… likeability… and that ol’ favourite, chemistry.


    It’s about your band pouring life & soul into their performance. It’s about a charismatic front man or woman with a natural empathy for their audience and the ability to put your guests instantly at ease.


    It’s also about the whole band having a contagious chemistry together, being fun and entertaining without a hint of self-indulgence.


    Utterly dynamic Swing Jazz bands are rarer than you’d think, but you’ll know when you’ve found one because your dance floor will never be empty for very long.


    Feeling inspired? Hear how  incredible Swing Jazz band ‘Schwing’ set the dance floor alight at this couple’s glamorous Mandarin Oriental wedding.


    Photo credit: Image of wedding couple by Caught The Light Photography via Rock My Wedding


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  • Why A Swing Band Or Jazz Band At Your Wedding Is The Ultimate Accessory

    by Mel Lazarus


    When it comes to your wedding band, you can definitely make a style statement that is a reflection of you and your love of all things retro. If you’re serious about creating a truly fabulous vintage-inspired wedding, then don’t settle for a bland, generic “wedding band”.


    Think of it like this. Your choice of band is a bit like your choice of wedding menu: You could put on a buffet to cater for all tastes, and  it would be nice, and everyone would find something to enjoy.



    Or… you could take an interesting slant (e.g. Middle Eastern Mezze, Oriental Food Theatre, Traditional Great British Fayre) and create a menu that adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your guests’ dining experience.


    Sure, one or two people won’t eat the sushi, but most will love it and agree that it makes a refreshing change from the usual chicken.


    So remember: Use your band to bring your wedding theme to life. And nothing brings style and swagger to your dance floor, or creates that glamorous, sophisticated ambiance, more than an authentic Swing Jazz band.


    Click here to find your ultimate Swing or Jazz band wedding accessory.


    Photo credit: Image by Hannah Mia Photography, vintage headdress by Victoria Millesime

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  • A Bluffers Guide To Swing Bands For Weddings

    by Brad Lazarus



    Curious about what type of swing band might be right for your wedding. Watch the video to find out more…

    00:35 – Most swing bands cover music from the 1920s to the 60s

    00:51 – Swing music was the dance music of its day

    00:59 – People will dance to a swing band… as long as it’s a great one!

    01:08 – Swing bands are perfect for vintage or other similar themed weddings

    02:24 – Go for the largest band you can afford.  At least one horn player will make the difference


    Click here to see our collection of exclusively managed swing bands


    Hi!  Brad Lazarus here with a short bluffers guide to swing bands for weddings.  Swing bands or swing music is generally characterized by a rhythm section of double bass and drums with a pretty heavy horn element of trumpet, trombone, and saxophone.

    Bluffers Guide to Swing Bands For Weddings


    Most Swing Bands Cover Music from the 1920s to the 60s

    Most swing bands will cover the music broadly from the eras of the 1920s right up to the 1960s.  So if you’re looking to book a swing band, you’re probably going to get a mixture of all of the songs that came out of those eras.


    Swing Music was the Dance Music of its Day

    The real danceable swing style actually came out of the era of 1935 to 1945 when swing music really was the dance music of its day.  So if you’re looking to book a swing band for your wedding and you’re worried about people getting onto the dance floor, just really keep that fact in mind.  It was the dance music of its day.  So if you’ve got the right swing band that really know how to get the floor filled, you shouldn’t have any problems.


    Swing Bands are Perfect for Vintage or Other Similar Themed Weddings

    If you’re looking to have a vintage theme or an art deco theme or something of that kind of era, then look to bands that specialize in 1920s and 1930s style.  That’s really going to enhance your theme for you.


    Prominent Figures of the Swing Era

    People refer to artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and those Rat Pack guys as very much swing music.  Strictly speaking, they are swing music.  They came from the eras of the late ‘40s through to the ‘60s which is only characterized by what they would call… it was known as swinging pop, really.  But if you’re looking to book a swing band, the chances are, they’re going to play quite a heavy proportion of that repertoire as well.


    Look for a Swing Band that can Cross Over to Other Genres

    Now, here’s a big tip.  Find a swing band that has the ability to be able to cross over into that more classic, pop, and soul material as well.  It’s really going to help you for later on in the evening.  People love to hear that swing and that jazz style but as the evening progresses, they also want something a little bit more mainstream.  And a band that has the versatility to be able to progress seamlessly from that swing into the classic pop of Stevie Wonder, Motown, that type of feel is really going to do a great job for you.


    Go for the Largest Band You Can Afford With at Least One Horn Player

    The other great piece of advice I’d give you is try and go for the largest band as possible and that includes at least one horn section.  The horn sound is such a significant part of swing music that lacking that, it will feel slightly empty.  The dynamic won’t necessarily be there.  So go for the largest band you possibly can for the budget.


    If you’re thinking about a swing band for your wedding, click the link below.  Check out the three swing bands that we have on our roster.  They cover all the repertoires from 1920s right through to the 1960s and some even more kind of classic, contemporary material as well they cover.  So check those out.


    If you’ve got any questions or comments, please leave them below.  If you’d like to hear some more information about other areas of booking a band for your wedding, just let me know and I’ll do a video for you as well.

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  • How To Find Unique Wedding Entertainment That Entertains ALL Night

    by Brad Lazarus


    Watch this video to discover ways of finding unique wedding entertainment that lasts all night…



    00:19 – Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment

    00:40 – How Do You Find Unique Entertainment for the Whole Evening

    00:55 – Find a Band that Will Bring a Uniqueness

    01:08 – Look for a Musical Specialism

    01:20 – Look for Charisma, Personality, Style, and Magnetism

    01:36 – Soul Fiesta

    02:02 – Schwing

    02:33 – The Jazz Cannons


    Get Your FREE Guide here – 7 Surprising Ways Your Wedding Band Can Transform Your Party From Bland…To Grand!


    Hi!  My name is Brad Lazarus and I’m here this week with a wedding entertainment inspiration tip.  So let’s get to it.


    How to Find Unique Entertainment for the Whole Evening

    So this time of year, there’s always a lot of talk about wedding trends for the year to come, and one of the things that really stood out to us was this idea of wedding reception entertainment and unique wedding reception entertainment.  Now, there’s talk of couples looking for nontraditional reception entertainment to create kind of a spectacle and a memorable evening.  What they’re referring to a lot of the time are jugglers, fire eaters, dueling pianists, that type of thing.  Now, this is all great, but this type of cabaret style doesn’t give you entertainment for the whole night.


    Find a Band that Will Bring a Uniqueness

    So how can you create that element of uniqueness without booking an act that only plays for 30 minutes cabaret style?  So my suggestion to you is to look for a band that has that element of uniqueness and personality and authenticity which can play for the whole evening.


    Look for a Musical Specialism

    Now, how do you find the characteristics of uniqueness and personality within a band?  Well, what you’re looking for is some kind of specialism.  For example, what style of music they play is unique to them, the charisma of the lead singer.


    Look for Charisma, Personality, Style, and Magnetism

    The purpose of the live band at your wedding is not just to kind of crank out the tunes and begin to look increasingly bored throughout the whole evening.  What you’re looking for really is a band with a personality, a charm, a character, a likeability, some kind of magnetism that really comes off the stage.  So they really need to be pouring their life and soul into the performance, with the whole thing being fun, entertaining, without a of self indulgence on their part.


    Things You Could Maybe Ask Your Band to Do for the Evening

    Here’s a couple of ideas of the things that you could ask your band to do or find a band that has these types of characteristics, or something that can really thrill your guests for the evening.  Now, one of the things that Schwing do is they lead the bride and groom into the main hall, the main ballroom, or main function room with a procession led by their horn section.


    The other thing you can get the band to do is maybe if you… a lot of bands will play for two hours.  So that leaves some kind of flexibility.  Make sure they’re flexible.  And you can maybe take about 15 minutes of that performance and have some cabaret performance between the main course and the dessert.  Here’s the Jazz Cannons performing I Want to be Like You, a kind of a fun drum solo type thing which goes down exceptionally well, and is really a talkable event for the evening.  Some people really chatting about this throughout the rest of the evening.


    And we’ve got loads more ideas like this of what you can get your band to do or at least find the band that can do certain things in our free guide, “Seven Surprising Ways Your Wedding Band Can Turn Your Event From Bland… to Grand!”  So just click on the link below and you can download that guide.


    I hope that’s been useful for you and see you next time.

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  • How To Find The Right Live Band For Your Wedding

    by Brad Lazarus

    Featured in this podcast:

    0.33 – The different types and styles of band
    2.06 – The key to a genre based band that can crossover
    6.00 – Should you book a band with a specialism in one or two genres
    6.42 – Book a band based on the vision you have for your wedding party
    7.31 – Choosing a band is a bit like choosing a solicitor
    8.08 – Do you get a better standard of performance from certain bands
    9.00 – What type of band is best for a full dance floor
    9.37 – How can you find the band with a ‘WOW’ factor
    10.20 – Will guests dance to a swing band?
    11.20 – How you can find a band with the XFactor
    12.00 – Does a bigger band mean a better performance
    12.50 – How the number of guests at your wedding impacts on your band choice
    13.34 – How to save money and get more from your band
    14.17 – Should you be choosing all the bands songs
    15.15 – Should you trust your band to pick the right songs to perform



    Mel:                       Hi there and welcome.  I’m Mel and this is my husband Brad.


    Brad:                     Hi!


    Mel:                       We run a management company for professional function bands.  Brad’s been managing bands for near on 10 years.  So it’s fair to say he pretty much knows what he’s talking about.  I’m going to pick his brains about different topics, and this week we are talking about how to find the right type of band for your wedding.  We’re going to try and keep it to about 15 minutes and cram in as much useful, practical information as we can for you to give you as much value as possible.  So let’s get straight in.  Brad, talk us through.  What are the different types and styles of bands available for weddings?


    Brad:                     Well, I think they are… you know, they’re broken down into, you know, broadly a few categories really.  And I think the one which most people will know and that’s like kind of the default starting point really is that kind of party band/wedding band.


    Mel:                       “Wedding band.”


    Brad:                     Quote un-quote.  Yeah.  And it very much is a case of those bands don’t come from a particular genre standpoint in the types and style of music they play.  They almost kind of play everything that they like or they think that the client likes.  So they work well in certain situations.  In other situations, they don’t work well.  So it’s up to you to kind of decide that and, you know, we might get into that a little bit later.  The next type of band, you know, you can characterize as maybe being a swing – jazz act.  So that’s broadly any band which covers those genres from kind of like that Rat Pack style through to kind of, you know, good time jazz, you know, that big band jazz – swing style through to kind of maybe 1920s, 1930s type of jazz.


    Mel:                       Oh, okay.  So good kind of vintage, retro vibe.  If you’re trying to create that at your wedding, something like that would be –


    Brad:                     Yeah.  That would be perfect.


    Mel:                       A good option.


    Brad:                     I mean, you know, a lot of the time, what you should look for particularly for a wedding is maybe a band that does cross over into that more kind of mainstream kind of soul.  Something which lends itself to the instrumentation of the band is good, you know.  With a jazz or a swing band, there’s probably a horn section, you know, even just one saxophone.  And I would recommend going for that if that’s the kind of style you’re going for.


    Mel:                       So what does that mean?  Earlier on in the evening, you set the tone for your event with all the swing – jazz stuff but you’re saying perhaps later on, you know, come 9 or 10 o’clock and you’re wanting to fill the dance floor, you move into the soul section.


    Brad:                     I would say so, yeah.  And that soul is, you know, depending on the type of band.  The band should really be picking the songs, those soul songs which lend themselves to the instrumentation of the band and nice horn section sounds.


    Mel:                       Okay.


    Brad:                     The next kind of style really is that soul – Motown band, and that broadly is anything from that kind of ‘60s soul – Motown kind of classic feel all the way through to, you know, going through to the ‘70s and that kind of ‘80s new R&B into the kind of what we now call, maybe call kind of modern R&B, Rihanna, that type of feel.  So that type of band is, you know, that’s broadly speaking.  A band may kind of narrow their focus down maybe into kind of specializing kind of Motown or kind of, you know – again, you know, under that banner you can always put in that kind of ‘70s disco.  Maybe that funk –


    Mel:                       With a funk.  Yeah.


    Brad:                     Funk as well.  So that broadly kind of comes into that banner as well.


    Mel:                       Okay.  This sounds like kind of real classics, sort of through the ages, like a decent band will pick out, you know, the real classic tunes that everyone’s going to know.


    Brad:                     Absolutely.  Yeah.  Well, at least, they should do.  It’s up to you to really go and make sure that that is the case really.  And then the next style is that kind of rock.  You can kind of call it rock pop/kind of indie.  So it’s that kind of modern day indie guitar sound but maybe some kind of classic rock songs, maybe that kind of soul stuff like Blues Brothers-y type sound as well.  That can really be put into that bracket as well.  So anything that like classic rock, like kind of Lynyrd Skynyrd, that type of thing, all the way through to kind of more modern indie guitar sound, Oasis, that type of thing.


    Mel:                       Okay.  A bit cool.


    Brad:                     Yeah, possibly a bit cool.  Yeah.  I mean, for some people, it’s not quite what they want for a wedding but it can work really well depending on the mix of repertoire and that’s, you know, that’s about going into the band’s repertoire and seeing what they’re all about really.


    Mel:                       And I guess if you’ve got a very young, lively, out-for-it kind of crowd as well, that might work well.


    Brad:                     Yes.  Yeah, again, you know, that’s something that you need to work out – what are your guests going to like and you know, how does that fit with what you want.


    Mel:                       Okay.  Any other types?  So we’ve got party bands, soul and Motown, swing – jazz, rock and pop.


    Brad:                     I would say yeah.  I mean, the other one is the tribute act really which is kind of as it sounds really which is very much, you know – “Be careful” is what I would say with a tribute.  Obviously, you know, if you’re going to get a Neil Diamond tribute and you want people up on the dance floor all night and he’s just performing Neil Diamond songs, you know, go figure why people might not dance.


    Mel:                       [Laughs].  Are you saying it’s a bit gimmicky?


    Brad:                     Well, possibly yeah.  I mean, a lot of people will book a tribute as maybe a bit of a cabaret.  So they might kind of have, you know, a main band on for after-dinner dancing but after the meal, you know, you might have 15 – 20 minutes of a tribute really.


    Mel:                       Okay.  So moving on, would you say that choosing a band with a particular genre bias then is the best thing to do if you want to have a successful wedding with a full dance floor?  Should you be looking to find a band that kind of specializes, for want of a better word, in one of those genres?


    Brad:                     Well, I think primarily you really want to be booking a band which is fantastic.  That’s really what it comes down to.  Booking a band with a specific kind of genre bias I think works well depending on what you want to create.  If you’ve got a vision in mind, then you know, start with that end in mind and work back from that, and then you will get to a particular music type which might lend itself to that vision.  And kind of the first starting point, you know, if you’re not into music, and a lot of people this is the first time they’ll ever book a band and maybe you’re not into music in the way which you know, a lot of people are, so you almost don’t really know what you’re looking for which is fine, so the first point of call is that you believe that band that plays every different genre of music is going to work.  The point about that is it’s almost kind of like choosing – we kind of parallel it to choosing a lawyer.  You know, if you had some dispute over land, you wouldn’t go to a lawyer that didn’t – you would ideally want to work with a lawyer that just dealt in the law of the land as opposed to, you know, 15 different areas of law.


    Mel:                       Okay.  Yup.


    Brad:                     You’re going to get a better job out of the specialist than you are out of somebody that broadly does everything.


    Mel:                       So that’s true of musicians as well.


    Brad:                     I would definitely say so.  Yeah.


    Mel:                       Okay.


    Brad:                     So you know, the phrase is “jack of all trades, master of none” really.


    Mel:                       So do you get a better quality of performance from a genre based band than, you would say, than a generic kind of wedding band?


    Brad:                     I don’t think you necessarily get a better performance.  I think you know, every band is different and we are generalizing here, but a bunch of guys and girls that have been playing soul or Motown for the last 15 years, only soul and Motown for the last 15 years, are likely to be better at it than a band that have played seven or eight different genres of music, you know.


    Mel:                       Okay.  Fair enough.


    Brad:                     So again, it’s subjective and you know, there are some amazingly brilliant party bands out there that do their job very well, but I would say that if you’re looking for a band that will help enhance your evening, your vision, what you’re looking to try and create, and are better at what they do, then the jack of all trades – I would go down the genre route.


    Mel:                       Okay.  So what type of band is best for getting guests on the dance floor?  You know, as a bride, that’s kind of really my main priority.  So I just want everyone on there dancing.  You know, is there a type of band that does it best?


    Brad:                     The first thought is naturally the band that gets people on the dance floor is the band that plays everything.  But that isn’t necessarily the case as far as, you know, from my personal experience.  Again, the best type of band is a great band that has a wow factor and is like –


    Mel:                       Oh!


    Brad:                     Yeah.  And how can you find that wow factor?  And that wow factor really kind of comes from the different characteristics that make up the band, you know.  What is, you know, the character, the magnetism, the personality, that kind of authenticity of what the band stands for that kind of which gives them their self confidence as a band to be able to go and play a particular type of sound really, really well rather than almost trying to be a jack of all trades, you know.  So I think that’s what’s going to get people on the dance floor.  So you know, people look at like the swing – jazz genre and think, “Oh, people won’t dance to swing music.”  Swing music was the dance music of its day.


    Mel:                       True.


    Brad:                     There weren’t discos or DJs or you know, nightclubs.  Those were the nightclubs of its day.  A great swing band, their raison d’être, that plays at weddings as a profession, they are very much a band whoseraison d’être is to get guests on the dance floor.  So that’s what they will do.  And you know, how can you find those bands?  Well, you need to kind of do your research.  You need to go, you know, see them live, check out their testimonials.  What type of testimonials are they?  Are they testimonials from people with a like mind that are looking to create an event or a wedding set like yours?


    Mel:                       So other brides and grooms that you can relate to?


    Brad:                     Absolutely, yeah.


    Mel:                       Okay.  Well, the elusive wow factor.


    Brad:                     Well, yeah, it’s the X factor.  It is the X factor, and the X factor isn’t something, you know – you’ll only know the X factor if you’ve done your research.  Because the first band that you come across, you might think that’s fantastic.  But then, you go and look at another 10 and then all of a sudden, the first band you’ve seen only sits maybe third or fourth in the pecking order.  So you have to go out and you have to go and either see the bands live or you need to be checking out – their audio on the website needs to be good.  You need to check out video.  You know, do they have pictures of other weddings that they’ve played at which you can look at?


    Mel:                       Okay.


    Brad:                     All that sort of thing.


    Mel:                       Get a real gut feel for it.


    Brad:                     Yeah.


    Mel:                       Okay.  And something that a lot of people think is that the bigger my band, the better.  Is that true?


    Brad:                     No.  The better the band, the better.  I know that sounds [laughs]…


    Mel:                       [Laughs].  No.


    Brad:                     That’s how I think of it.


    Mel:                       I like it.


    Brad:                     But you’re much better off having a six-piece band of, you know, top end musicians that know exactly what it takes to create, you know, a performance that you know, really gets your guests on the dance floor, makes your wedding as unique as it possibly can be rather than having 12 musicians, 12 mediocre musicians that might look good but they don’t really kind of have that fizz and that charisma and that magnetism.  So, yeah, I would say that’s the kind of, the rule of thumb really for me.  You know, you also kind of need to look at the number of guests at the wedding, you know.


    Mel:                       Okay, so I’ve got 180 guests coming to my wedding.  How big should my band be?


    Brad:                     I would say with 180 guests, you know, you could have a 12-piece band, 12 or 13-piece band with 180 guests.  Are you going to get that extra value on top of having maybe the 7 or 8-piece band with you know, a couple of horn section, maybe a 3-piece horn section?  Probably not.


    Mel:                       Okay.


    Brad:                     You know.  It would be fantastic but you know what?  Personally, if you know, everybody’s on a budget, I would use that money somewhere else.  I would almost use that money to buy an enhanced production package and have an even better light show, for example.


    Mel:                       Okay.


    Brad:                     So, you know, that extra few hundred that you’d pay from the 8 to the 12, use that to enhance the 8-piece but make sure that 8-piece is the best band that you can get within that budget.


    Mel:                       Right.  Okay.


    Brad:                     You know, and again that comes down to doing your research and you know, having a checklist of things and you know, we provide those checklists for you as well.


    Mel:                       Sound advice.  Final question because I’m aware we’re running out of time.  In terms of your band’s repertoire, as the bride, should I be choosing all the band’s songs?  You know, should I be telling the band what I want them to play or should I be kind of letting them guide me?


    Brad:                     Yeah, I think there’s a balance there.  I think your first dance request, if it’s reasonable, then I think the band should be able to accommodate and learn that for you.  There are nuances in that.  If you want a proper arrangement with you know, with the horn section of the band, for example, then you know, there might be a charge.  And if you want them to perform it brilliantly well, then it might be worth paying that, a little bit of extra fee if that’s what they’re asking for.  In terms of the actual repertoire, the band should very definitely allow you to pick and choose songs from their repertoire list.  We urge clients and you know, we like to feel as though the clients trust us and it seems to be the way.  If you’re booking a top class band, trust them.  What they do best is not just perform brilliantly well but they should be able – they will know what tunes to play, particularly if they’ve got that experience over the years.  Those songs will be tried and tested.  I know with our bands, if a song works, it stays.  If a song doesn’t work, it doesn’t stay.  Now, what does work mean?  You know, work means depending on the type of band.  If a song works, it means that it gets guests on the dance floor.  And that’s what it comes down to.  So that’s the general rule of thumb.  But again, you know, if you are having problems talking to the band leader or the band’s representative about getting some of your favorite songs from, let’s say for the sake of argument, that soul band performed in their set, I would really be thinking twice about whether you want to book that band because I think they should be able to accommodate at least five or six songs that you want to hear.


    Mel:                       Right.  So kind of demonstrates some element of flexibility.


    Brad:                     Very much so, yeah.


    Mel:                       Right.  Okay.


    Brad:                     Yeah, that’s performed for you and your guests.  It’s not self indulgent in any way.  But then at the same time, there is a balance.


    Mel:                       Right.  Okay.  Perfect.  Well, I think we’re out of time for today but thanks, Brad, and I hope you found it useful, and we will see you next time.

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  • How To Avoid The 3 Biggest Band Booking Regrets

    by Fab

    Regret #1:
    Over planning, micromanaging and becoming unnecessarily stressed.

    We often speak to our brides and grooms when they’re just back from honeymoon and have had some head space to reflect on their big day.

    A surprising number comment on how well organized and efficient the band was, and they kinda wish they’d never got so involved in all the tiny details. Sound familiar? Don’t worry. Feeling like you need to micromanage the band is all very normal. The problem is that the more you micromanage… the more you’ll need to micromanage… It’s a catch 22.

    When it comes to the band’s repertoire, definitely chat to the band leader about songs you’d like to hear, but you might want to refrain from dictating every song they play! The right band will be experts at knowing what songs work and when.


    So do yourself a favour: book a band that you’ve researched thoroughly and feel confident about leaving to do their ‘thang’. A professional outfit will have the logistics of the day all mapped out… so you don’t have to.


    Regret #2:
    Having the band perform in a separate room to the food.

    Make no mistake – in the great ‘Food vs Music’ battle, your guests will invariably gravitate towards the chow.

    While in many venues it’s unavoidable to have the meal served in a separate room to the band’s performance, don’t let them happen at the same time. And watch out for the pesky dessert buffet, it’s a sure-fire way to clear the dance floor in the middle of a band’s set. Even the Jackson 5 would lose out to mini chocolate meringues.

    Our best advice? Try to keep your wedding moving along sequentially. See each part of the day as a separate ‘mini event’ in itself: Dessert – check. Band’s first set – check. Speeches – check. See? That way you’ll always have your guests’ focused attention.



    Regret #3:
    Not realising just how important a part of the wedding the band plays.

    The band you book will almost dictate the success of your whole wedding… Sounds scary doesn’t it?!

    Modern Bride magazine surveyed brides after their weddings and found that their choice of wedding entertainment was 60 to 80% responsible for the success…or failure…of the ENTIRE WEDDING.

    It’s well worth taking your time to choose the right band for you and your guests


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