How To Pick A Winning Live Wedding Band…When Fabulous Really MEANS Fabulous!

by Mel Lazarus

When you’re up to your ears in live wedding band research – have you ever wondered if what you see is what you’ll getIs the band really as good as its promo video? Can you 100% rely on them to show up? What should you be looking for anyway??


In the third of our four part guest blog series on B.loved weddings - “The Fabulous Bride’s Guide to…Wedding Music” - we answer your questions, and reveal….

  • Why some bands ARE more fabulous than others
  • Exactly what to look for during your live band research
  • What the right audio & video can tell you about a band
  • The type of client testimonials you’ll be wanting to see
  • Why seeing a band live is a good investment of your time
  • Why ultimately, it’s all about chemistry…

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How to pikc a winning live...