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by Mel Lazarus
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We’re tickled pink this month to introduce you to our “Fab Friend” Sandy Moretta – Director of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UK AWP), owner of Wedding Planning Company Ternevents, and all-round star of the UK Wedding Industry.

We chat to Sandy about her vision for the UK AWP, what she believes makes for “Wow” Wedding Entertainment, and her Real Wedding experience involving a sports car and a horse (yip). Read on folks…


Sandy_Moretta1. What’s the one  thing you’re most proud of about the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners? 

I think I am most proud of our wonderful membership. We have 60 members from across the UK, and some abroad, all of whom run different businesses, targeting a variety of couples. However, they all have in common a tremendous dedication to customer service and professional planning. I also love the fact that we all help each other out at weddings: we have inter-member rates which allow us to hire each other for large/ complex weddings without the need to employ someone permanently.


2. Where would you like to take the UK AWP over the next 2 or 3 years? 

From a membership perspective I would like to see two main things……Firstly, more Destination Members in key markets for UK couples wishing to marry abroad, and secondly a form of UKAWP membership for non planner, wedding industry suppliers whose businesses adhere to our Code of Business Practice and who like to work closely with professional planners.

When it comes to the Training side of the business, my colleague Bernadette is already working on bringing our current classroom and 121 courses bang up to date for this Autumn. She also works tirelessly to design a wide range of Workshops, Webinars and other educational events to enhance the knowledge of our members and others who attend them.


3. Tell us a bit about Ternevents – how do you bring style & personality to your clients’ weddings?

Ternevents has existed in its current guise since 2008, but I have been running a wedding planning business since 2003. I am a great believer that the style of each wedding comes predominantly from two things: the couple and the venue. The design, the type of suppliers and the overall feel of the day almost always flow from the two. I see my job as taking what the couple has in their heads and making it happen.

A Ternevents wedding is highly organised behind the scenes, such that it needn’t appear so to those involved. My clients’ personalities should come across rather than mine or those of the team, however perhaps inevitably they tend to have a ‘tern stamp’ on them.


4. What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve done for a client at a wedding this year? 

Without a doubt it was keeping from both Bride and Groom their amazing gifts to one another, both of which had to be hidden, decorated and then revealed in all their glory at the drinks reception. Not so complex I hear you say? Well perhaps not until you realize that one was a sports car and the other a horse!


5. In your experience, what makes for “Wow” wedding entertainment?

For me as a planner, the ‘wow’ starts long before the big day. It comes in the form of articulate band leaders or agency staff who answer calls and emails and make working with them a pleasure. On the day itself, it is all about turning up on time, being helpful with whatever might crop up, such as slight delays, sudden requirements for roving mics, etc. Once the music starts, the wow factor can be judged by the faces of the guests and the time they spend on their feet. Entertainment can really make or break the evening – professional, smiley, helpful and altogether fun musicians make all the difference in the world!


Fabulous chatting to you Sandy… and here’s to more “Wow” Weddings! x

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