“Fab Friends” Meets… Elisabetta of Linen & Silk Weddings

by Mel Lazarus
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Earlier this month, I found myself aboard the London Eye Barracuda, cruising gently down the Thames with 100 of the wedding industry’s finest, and a boat load of mojitos. What could possibly go wrong?


Once I found my ‘sea legs’ and started to circulate, I stumbled upon the very lovely Elisabetta Cirulli, wedding planner and owner of gorgeous Italian-inspired wedding blog, Linen & Silk.


One to watch in the world of wedding blogs, here we ask her all about her fresh Italian wedding style and get to know Elisabetta a little better (see what I did there?)


ElisabettaWhat does the ‘perfect’ Linen & Silk wedding look like?

The perfect Linen and Silk wedding is a relatively intimate day, with 100 or less people, in a beautiful masseria in Puglia (Apulia). It would be a ceremony on a beautiful terrace overlooking fields and the sea, followed by a relaxed, but elegant mediterranean reception under the shade of olive trees, with rustic tables, covered in white linen table cloths, the smell of aromatic herbs and an abundance of local wine and food (*SIGH* – Ed).

Although my origins are from deep South, I’m a Milan girl at heart, city of industrial minimalism; so if a couple comes to me asking for a modern, stylish event in an iconic location with architectural and historical meaning, like the Officine del Volo, a live jazz band, and the most refined food and drinks that Northern caterers can offer, then I’m most definitely on board!


What is classic Italian wedding style all about?

It’s all about effortless elegance. Every region of Italy has a slightly different interpretation of weddings, but as a whole, we feel that you don’t need to be extravagant to be elegant. Elegance is all about quality – materials (such as silk and linen… hence my business name!) are key, and creating a look & feel that is in harmony with the surroundings is essential.

Food is also one of the most important parts of an Italian wedding. While the long 7 or 8 courses wedding breakfasts are probably unnecessary, Italians in general are food-obsessed – for us giving our wedding guests the most refined and delicious food is the best way to show hospitality and show our gratitude for them being there.

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In your experience, what makes for ‘wow’ wedding entertainment?

The one thing that makes for ‘wow’ wedding entertainment for me is the ability to get the crowd involved. I personally like a good old DJ that knows how to get the crowd going, but I’m not impartial to a live band either! A good band can create a fantastic party atmosphere, especially when they’ve managed to truly connect with your guests.

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What themes are you working on in 2014?

Weddings in the Mediterranean are getting more and more popular, so based on the 2014 enquiries I’ve received so far, I think rustic yet stylish weddings in Italy, with a relaxed feel, will be my focus. I also have enquiries for Sharm el Sheikh (now part of my new destination wedding services); one thing about Arab weddings is that they love a good party with music and dancing, so you can guarantee that these weddings will be all about fun: great food and good music until the wee hours of the night!

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Fabulous talking to you Elisabetta… And here’s your go-to girl for all things Italian, stylish and wedding: Linen and Silk.


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